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Complementary products

We strive providing you with complete solutions that helps you get even more competitive. Complementary products are often forgotten, even though they are key players to improve your working environment or to make you maintenance easier.

We cooperate with market leading suppliers, with products covering all the needs your company has. Down below you'll find a couple of our partners.

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Alexander Olander



Tel: 0370-488 00

E-post: alol@ravema.se

Fredrik Andersson

Säljansvarig Service & Eftermarknad


Tel: 0370-489 86

E-post: fran@ravema.se

Jörgen Öfverberg

Förebyggande Underhåll & Säljare begagnat


Tel: 0370-489 34

E-post: joof@ravema.se

Våra leverantörer & samarbetspartners